About Us


TAIHOYA is an expert in the physical microenvironment impact on cells, especially biochemical, physical, and biomechanical aspects. In terms of mechanical stimulation by stretching or compression, we specialize in: 1) 3D scaffolds/ 3D scaffolds with cells, 2) living tissues, and 3) PDMS surfaces cultured with cells.


In 2009, Taihoya finalized the project “ATMS Dynamic Culture System”. ATMS is named after Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt and wild animals. Artemis was also famous for being an archer. The origin of the device’s name was to inject a soul into the inanimate machine. Using the mechanical movement to make the motor rotate inside a metal box can move precisely like Artemis shooting skills. What we started is not a box, but a desire, derived from the purest imagination and love for science.

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