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Dr. Shu Chien

The Taihoya ATMS EX-1 is a turn-key system with a well thought-out design that is easy to set up and calibrate.  The system is versatile, flexible, and user-friendly.  The EX-1 has an array of offset sized cam displacements with simple drop-in for easy setting of stretch and compression percentages with excellent repeatability.  The documentation manual …

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Dr. Adam J Engler

“Differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into cardiomyocytes has been well established but cell maturity is often a concern. We have been using the EX1D stretcher to assess how dynamic stretch impacts stem cell maturation. The stretcher system provides significant experimental flexibility with many attachments for different culture types and models. This has allowed us to …

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Dr. Maike Glitsch

We have successfully used the ATMS dynamic culture system in order to test mechanosensitivity of a G protein coupled receptor. The device is straight forward to use and allows to test a range of different experimental approaches. Cells can be stretched and unstretched to measure on and off responses, they can be stretched to different …

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